Belotero Hydro Complete Guide

belotero hydro

The Belotero range is your natural decision for diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restoring facial volumes and rehydrating skin.

The Belotero items are dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural segment of your skin. The innate capacity of hyaluronic acid to bind water makes the Belotero range the ideal decision for keeping up the smoothness and volume of your skin.

Belotero have many amazing products but in this article we will discuss their one of the top seller Belotero Hydro.

Belotero Hydro

Belotero Hydro is your filler for a stimulating, young look. It contains hyaluronic acid and glycerol for durable restoration effects. This winning blend of HA and glycerol offers you a ultimate skin rehydration. Belotero Hydro is remarkably created and formulated to improve the skin regions including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Décolletage

Balotero Hydro might be a entry level treatment for the individuals who have never previously thought aesthetic treatment.The decision of when to start a treatment is a touchy one for patients and helpful information prior to your recommendation can be assembled through a quick yes or no inquiries.

  • Is your skin often exposed to the sun?
  • Does it feel though it’s lost some firmness?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Are more fine lines noticeable of late?

On the off chance that the answers tend to be positive, the probability is high that applicants will be suited to a Balotero Hydro regimen.

Initial Treatment Phase

Amid your initial treatment stage, 2 to 3 sessions are suggested, held 30 days apart, to permit time for rehydration.

Maintenance Phase

Following your initial treatment, a maintenance treatment is suggested more than once every year, depending upon the necessities of your skin.

Where to Buy it?

You can get Belotero Hydro from online stores, however I personally prefer recommend this site to buy Belotero Hydro.

How it Works?

Belotero is infused into the site that needs to be addressed, utilizing a little cannula or needle. When it is infused, the Belotero filler acts like a cushion and, accordingly, supports the patient’s facial structures and tissue that had encountered elasticity and volume loss. The item quickly fills the skin and fixes facial wrinkles. The item hydrates the top layer of the skin with the goal that it looks plump and healthy.


Belotero Hydro gives loads of advantages to patients. For instance, it is convenient since Belotero fillers can be directed in about half an hour and patients will almost certainly have the capacity to continue their normal routine when the cosmetic procedure is finished. Moreover, the outcomes of post-treatment are quick, something that can’t be said for many other injectable cosmetic medicines that can take days before patients can see the outcomes. The outcomes, in addition, can last up to one and a half years, which implies that patients can benefit from a long lasting treatment.


The Belotero product line options are broadly tested hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that have been deemed to be safe. As well, Belotero has been given the approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for injection in the dermis for fixing folds and facial wrinkles.

The Best Foods to Have a Healthy Skin

Best Foods to Have a Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is truly a blessing which is undermined and unnoticed by many. We often take our delicate, attention needed skin for granted and do not care for it much. Ask all those who do not have healthy skin or have skin that is quicker prone to allergies and such other related stuff.

Hence one should greatly take care of their skin at all times by not only eating healthy and protecting it from extreme exposure but also applying remedies to the skin to help it remain glowing and healthy naturally. The following are a few tips for the same.

Tomato Paste

Paste that is rich in tomatoes helps reduce sunburns and if applied with olive oil for about a few weeks provides great anti-oxidants that help reviving great nutrients as well. The damage from free radicals is slowed down through this advantageous fruit.

Avocado Paste

They are a great biotin source and can be used to not only hydrate skin but improve hair and nails as well. When applied after pureeing its pulp, the vitamin E greatly helps achieve awesome results.

Pomegranate Application

Pomegranate does not only work wonders in taste but also remains well with topical application. It is purely rich in antioxidants and helps the skin to speed up any repairing process in addition to creating necessary collagen for making the skin look younger.

Beans Eating

Beans are the most varied source for protein and they also help greatly in repairing cells and other damages caused to them. They also help in digestion by breaking complex food parts into basic amino acids that speed up skin regeneration.

Salmon Diet

While fish is the best source for everything but salmon in particular helps reduce ageing besides improving the elasticity of the skin through astaxanthin which helps the same.

Walnut Sources

If one wants to make up for the lack of Omega 3 in their skin, they can have all the walnuts that they can. They help in bringing back natural shine and the skin looks smoother and younger. This is the best source of Omega 3 for all those who do not like to eat fish for the same.

Green Tea Drinking

This is the best ever treatment through drinking and is the best skin drink of all. It is my own experienced remedy after whose 2 to 3 months’ use, completely changed my skin as if it is like a baby’s skin again. No doubt the polyphenols in it help greatly in achieving such astonishing levels.

Egg Diet

There is no doubt that eggs are the best ever source for complete, whole protein. They also have biotin in them which helps in protection from dry skin.

Olive Oil

There is a complete study to back this one up. It was published in PLOS ONE which showed that women who consumed more olive oil – more than two teaspoons a day – were 31% less prone to aging.

Why is that? That’s because almost ¾ of the fat in it is monosaturated, which works with the skin to look younger.


This is the one you may be expecting from the start of the list. It is common and it works. When you eat yogurt and other dairy products your skin gets the required protein to remain firm, and that way the skin resists wrinkles and lines more efficiently.

Since all these foods combine together to make a great combination and target specific areas of proteins, omega 3, anti-oxidants, biotins and many more, therefore this way most of the balanced skin needs are covered. This gives way to a better and much healthy skin that is free of any problems at all. Follow these tips to avoid blunt cannula injection injecting into your face by a skin surgeon. That is what doctors say to kids when they are not taking their medicine, LOL. Just a joke though!

How to reduce stress to stop it from harming your skin?

Hoe to Reduce stress

Behind every disease stress is a big reason — people who tend to have more stress or word load on their shoulders are noticed to get more physical and mental problems than any normal human. I have some patients who suffer from skin problems like black lines on face, dark circles and wrinkles. When you stress out yourself, then your body suffers and over working make you look aged more than you are if you do not get proper relaxation.

As a human being your body needs rest and relaxation after having been used for any sort of hard or complicated work, so it can heal up its self and get ready for more work. Same is with electronic machines, sometimes when they become overly warmed then you need to give them rest so they can cool up their selves and become ready for future work.

Here are some relaxation tips for you that can help you to reduce stress and stay calm and cool minded.

Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths can really help, sometimes when you have enough amount of work load then your body becomes tired and stressed out. Sometimes you become over emotional and can become violent thus harming yourself or throwing bottles away. This can not only harm you physically but mentally, to make yourself calm and cool you should stop yourself from working when you are noticing any signs of depression or aggression in yourself. Now take few deep breaths, have some water or juice and give yourself 15 minutes at-least. Now think again and plan your work, this will surely help you to recover.

Talk to someone

Talking to someone who cares about you and which gives you pleasure can also make your mood good. Try to find out someone who is close to you and talk to him or her for few minutes, try to talk about those funny moments that you have spent together that always give you a smile. You can also go to your office canteen and have some snacks or have a burger and a cold-drink.

Listen Songs

Listening songs can also help you out, find your most favorite song in your playlist but make sure that it is not a sad song. Listen it for few minutes, if you still feel stressed then listen few other songs, especially those songs that give you a spiritual belief and boost your confidence, like a song that can have lyrics like this; “You can do it, you have the gut”. If you have an Android device, then you can use these free mp3 music downloader apps for Android to listen music.

Do small workout

A big reason why you get stress is because when you are working your body stays in a single state, like sitting on a chair. In such scenario your blood circulation is highly affected and you get mentally screwed up especially when you have to deal with various things at a single time such as talking to a client on a phone call and taking care of your office computer. So what you can do is that you stand up and then lie on the floor, now do some push-ups, maybe 10 or 20. Now have some water and put your hands up in the air for 2 minutes.

Types of Dermal Fillers You Should Know About

Types of dermal fillers

Beauty is an asset, not even one can deny how it poses an important role to boost up one’s confidence and spirit in daily life routines and professions. Going up the notch to professions which come around due to beauty, extensive surgeries, use of products such as dermal fillers to enhance beauty are extremely common. But there are various types of Dermal Fillers that you should know about before you indulge into activities as to buy Juvederm Voluma or other such fillers. Hence, the two types which categorize dermal fillers are given below. They are:

  •  Synthetic dermal fillers
  •  Natural dermal fillers

1. Synthetic Dermal Fillers

These are the type of dermal fillers that are specifically made and last longer than natural dermal fillers. They do not dissolve and are considered as semi-permanent or permanent fillers.

Wrinkles or any other phenomena for which you took the dermal filler, comes back due to your face’s aging factor or extensive damage due to sun. They are not used widely because the research for their side effects is still being carried out.

These fillers have the same risks as that of naturally brought about dermal fillers so if you for example buy Juvederm Voluma it will have some side effects like swelling, tenderness, or maybe some bumps and lumps in addition to a little itching. People buy Juvederm Voluma to have fuller cheeks by adding volume so that a person looks fuller and younger at the same time. They have a high success rate, and if you do use synthetic dermal fillers always consult a professional dermatologist for that.

About the composition of synthetic dermal fillers, they are made up of Alkyl-imide as well as Polyacrylamide or even other complex combinations of Hyaluronic Acid and micro-spheres of Dextran or PMMA bovine collagen beads.

2. Natural Dermal Fillers

They are also known as hyaluronic acid fillers and are brought about through naturally occurring processes. They have lesser risk to allergy and other reactions though the results are immediate. They can last only from three to eighteen months or maximum two years. This is because the filler breaks down and the results eventually vanish. Hence the filler has absorbed and the person needs to go back and get another injection if they are to maintain the results.

These injections are taken as follow-ups every 12 months. They are widely used because they have been clinically tested for safety purposes.

There are some risks of allergies besides the same risks of lumping which occurs quite seldom but since the filler is short termed, the effects are short term too. They have simple combinations of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen while sometimes may also be brought about by polylactic acid as well as calcium hydroxylapatite for giving volume or smoothing processes.

The best part is that they come in varying thickness so they can be applied according to the need and type of your skin.

Hence now that you know everything, you can surely go about and buy a dermal filler for your specific needs. To learn more about injection fillers please read this Wikipedia article about injection filler.

Best Dermal Fillers to repair your skin

dermal fillers to repair your skin

Have you tried all kind of things on your skin to make it look younger and refreshed and still you haven’t seen any meaningful change? If this is true, then you need to take advice from skin specialists. Normally, when creams and natural herbs fail to repair someone’s skin, then dermal fillers are recommended to use.

Today we have a list of few useful dermal fillers that can improve your skin colour and your face beauty. But please consult your doctor before using them.

Juvederm Voluma (1 x 2.0ml)

If your skin has low water level and suffering from poor supply of fluids, then Juvederm Voluma (1 x 2.0ml) should be used to increase water levels in your skin. It strengthens your skin’s outer layer by supplying fluids to your skin cells.

When your skin becomes dehydrated and dries out, then you can see these signs on your skin:

  • Crinkles (due to low water level)
  • Lines on face

In such scenario you should use Juvederm Voluma(1 x 2.0ml). It not only supplies the Hyaluronic acid to your skin but also forces your body to use available fluids for your skin. You should first consult to your doctor before using this dermal filler.

Juvederm Voluma Lidocaine (2 X 1.0ml)

It helps your skin to get necessary water and fluids supply and increases elasticity of your skin which serves you by giving your face skin a more stronger look. Juvederm Voluma Lidocaine (2 x 1.0ml) supplies hyaluronic acid to your face skin which makes crinkles disappeared. It also removes dead cells from your skin’s surface.

Restylane Touch (1×0,5ml)

Restylane Touch helps to enhance your skin beauty by increasing your skin’s flexibility and increasing fluids supply. This gives your skin more attractive look, it also improves your skin thickness.

When your skin is liquefied properly from necessary juices and fluids, then it starts looking younger and refreshed. Restylane Touch (1×0,5ml) also functions to prevent skin damage from sun heat by preserving your skin cells.

Juvederm Voluma

It is a highly recommended and reliable dermal filler for your skin. It helps you to fight ageing signs like lines on face and wrinkles etc, but do you know that these are not just signs on ageing. As experts believe that when your cheeks start becoming flatten, then it causes your skin to become sagged.

This happens due to loss of volume in your cheek area, Juverm Voluma is manufactured in a way that it adds necessary volume underneath your skin surface and helps you to make your cheek area more living and attractive by lifting it. You can buy Juvederm Voluma from any online platform, but please take advice from your doctor before using it.

Teosyal First Lines PureSense (2×0.7ml)

This is another dermal filler to increase your skin’s water level and fluid supply. When your body fails to provide demanded supply of natural fluids to your skin, then it becomes dry and rough therefore crinkles start appearing on your face skin as you can see dry landscapes in deserts, they appear due to shortage of water in any specific area– well that was just an example.

In such a case, things get even more worst when your skin faces direct heat of the sun, because then your skin needs to lose sweat but it fails due to low amount of natural fluids thus your skin starts becoming more flatted and crinkled due to heat pressure.

Personal Advice: I will urge everyone of you to please talk to your doctor before buying any of these dermal fillers. Experts’ advice is always valuable, especially if it is related to your health

6 Must Have Meals For Healthier Skin

Best food for skin

Do you know why people have skin problems? Because their skin does not get required energies and nutrition. This can cause many problems like dead skin, dark circles, ageing signs and many other problems. In order to prevent such skin problems, one must provide necessary nutritions to his/her body.

Today we have a list of 6 most healthy meals that everyone should eat in routine to get much more healthier and glowing skin. Remember, most of skin diseases are cause of poor supply of vitamins and other useful minerals to your body.

Eat Fish and get firm skin

Fish has lots of proteins, vitamins and the most important omega 3 fatty acids in it, which help you to battle inflammation in your body. These acids also help your body to secure collagen in your skin which makes your skin more firmer.

Have Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables have lots of advantageous energies in them for your body — they supply antioxidants and useful vitamins which help you to prevent sun damage to your skin so you keep looking younger and have much more fresh skin.

Try to have at-least one tomato in your daily meal, tomato is basically a fruit but it is used as a vegetable in South Asia. Tomatoes provide antioxidant and lycopene which make your skin smoother. You can have them in your sandwiches, salads or any other dish.

Further more, you can also use Strawberries, Apricots, Spinach and Broccoli to improve your skin.

Use Natural oils

Natural oils also give you omega 3 like fish. However, they do not have as much omega-3 as fish, but still they are a very healthy source of nutrition for your skin.

You can use flaxseed oil which has lots of collagen-boosting fatty acid. You can also mix it into yogurt or smoothies, or you can pour it on your salad for garnishing. Think about having Chia seeds in your routine meal, you can use them with cereal, salad or yogurt.

Have Bananas

Bananas are a natural source of obtaining Vitamin A, B and E. They are very helpful to prevent ageing signs. You should have at-least one banana in your daily meal as it is not a seasonal fruit. Or you can make a mixture of banana and honey or mix it with milk.

Now grind the cream until it becomes a paste, after that apply it to your skin. Bananas are rich in minerals, fiber and potassium which help your body in doing blood circulation properly.

Eat Apples

Apples have good amount of antioxidants which preserve your cells and skin tissues. Apple helps in stopping wrinkles from appearing on your face. Have apple juice in your daily diet, or you can also mix apple with honey and apply them on your face. Let it become dry and then wash off. This can be a face mask for hydrating. Don’t forget the old phrase; “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”


Papayas are another rich source of antioxidants and a special enzyme called Papain. This fruit helps you to remove dead skin cells and skin impurities. Take one Papaya, make its slices and rub your face with the inner part of it for a minute or more.

This will help you to soften your skin, you can also grind papaya with 2 tbs of honey or yogurt. Once they are properly mixed, then use them as face mask cream. Apply this cream on your face for at-least 30 minutes. Now wash your face with cold water.

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

How to fight dark circles

Are you facing the same problem? Do you have dark circles below your eyes? If yes, then you are one of those people who have this same problem. These dark circles under eyes make you look lazy, sleepy and make you uncomfortable when joining public meetings.

Today we have come-up with some tips for you that will help you to fight dark circles under your eyes. But do you know what are the main reasons of these dark circles? Such dark circles appear because of three reasons:

  1. Ageing
  2. Not getting proper sleep
  3. Seasonal Allergies

Now let us share our tips with you:

Proper Sleeping

Give your body proper rest, try to sleep at-least 8 hours a day. Stop working in night, try to manage your work in such a way that you do not need to stay awaken in night to complete your projects.

If you are one of those who tend to sleep late at night, then change your routine and pay more attention to your physical health. For a healthy body and skin, you need proper sleep and rest.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol and other drugs that can cause you health problems. Such drugs can cost the quality of your sleep. Try to completely avoid them and have proper nutrition, have fruits and vegetables that have good amount of vitamins in them.

Consult Doctor

If you have an allergy which has caused these dark circles under your eyes, then I advice you to get consultancy from a doctor. Generally, people get dark circles because of seasonal allergies like hay fever etc.

Get Proper Meal

Try to eat well, have a balanced diet which have plenty of vitamins and drink at-least 8 glass of water daily. Normally, patients get dark circles due to lack of vitamin K.

You should use vitamins supplements if your doctor asks you, your body need proper amount of fluids in order to give your skin necessary energy.

Avoid Smoking

Chain smokers commonly have this problem, if you are a chain smoker and have this problem, then it can be the main reason of dark circles on your face. I urge you to think about leaving smoking habit.

Smoking can cause blood vessel problems that can cause unnatural change in your blood flow which can cause dark circles on all over your body. Try to do workout everyday to improve your blood pressure which will help your body to supply necessary energies throughout your body.

Use Cucumber

Cucumber has lots of vitamins that are very useful for your skin. Just take a cucumber and make slices, now put them onto your eyes. Cucumbers can decrease puffiness and may refresh your skin appearance.

Let those slices stay on the darkened side of your skin for 15 minutes. Follow this procedure daily and let your eyes stay closed during this process.

Ice Cubes

Massage your eyes with ice cubes or wrap ice cubes into soft cloth and apply them to your eyes. Repeat this process daily, let ice cubes stay on your eyes for 15 minutes. You can also use tea bags instead of cloth pieces.

How to Be Perfectly Flawless in No Time Every Morning

Flawless Skin

Are you totally a non-morning person? Do you often think how those extra five minutes of sleep could be oh so heavenly! If so, you’re probably at the right place to save some time, have extra sleep and look all dashing and super good at the same time!

We have hacks from your clothes to hair, from makeup to skin. Just go below for an ultimate winner experience.

1. Do A Routine Makeup

Just grab your foundation, mascara, concealer and brow-filler and you’re all ready to go! Get in ready with that foundation dabbed lightly to work up a concealer and fill up your brows. You could obviously apply your mascara while on your way.

Extra Tip

  • You could do away with a concealer all your life once you buy dermal fillers!

2. Use A Pony-Wash!

You can surely save up extra time by making up a pony and washing your bangs that need to be styled properly. The rest could go in a bun or a fashioned hat.

Extra Tip

  • Put on your straightener before going to the rest room. It needs to be warmed up!

3. Save By the Night Before

Put on some texturing cream, make two to three braids and go to sleep. The next morning all you need to do is untie them and you’re all ready with gorgeous beach-y waves.

4. Moisturize and More Moisturize?

You would have heard the more you moisturize your skin the best it glows. Well it could be true but you could put on an avocado mask to moisturize overnight and sleep those extra minutes easily.

Extra Tip

  • If you buy dermal fillers, the need to more moisturizing could ease for a longer time.

5. Multi-Task Your Tool

You come out of the restroom to see your shirt has a patch that looks un-ironed… Well, no problem. You already had your straightener on, use it to get rid of that small un-ironed patch. There’s no need to put on the iron and wait getting it heated up.

6. De-Clutter Your Makeup

Well everyone knows the struggle to finding the right make-up out of your bunch of make-up tools. Just set a day and throw away all extra that you never got away with! After all you don’t want to end up using expired products to rash up your skin. This could save time you spend looking for the right thing.

7. Red Is What We Need

The red lip shade is a definite hack; you think you don’t shine out yet. Just forget all the makeup. Wash your face, do your brows and dab your red lover lipstick and you are all bold togo!

Extra Tip

  •  This tip won’t work for those who have stubborn jaw lines or such until you buy dermal fillers and have already worked upon it.

Now imagine that is so many more minutes of extra sleep that you were giving off too easily! Now you can have your beauty sleep and enjoy the tips for sure.